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Can you rekey old locks?

Can you rekey old locks?

We think inthe rekeying the locks when feeling that the current lock cannot fully safe uswhile it is not old-fashioned. So it is not required the complete changing forthe lock. But you have moved into a new house or office and fear that theprevious owner or the real estate agent still has a spare key.

Maybe you donot move from your current home or office, but you have lost the keys, so thesekeys may have been stolen, or even if they had been fallen in the street, it ispossible that a stranger has found them! Maybe you have fired an angryemployee, so this person may not offer your office key copy, waiting for achance to find access to your important documents.

If you feelthat it is time to rekey your old locks, asking how to do that, we can helpyou.

Firstlyyou need to know the Meaning of the Rekey!

Each lockincludes a system called a pin and tumbler. It is a cylindrical plug thatincludes a series of pins and springs of varying lengths—these pins allow aspecifically cut key shape to insert and turn the lock. So, when changing thesepins and springs, that required a new cut key shape with a tumbler that canmatch with the replaced internal part of the lock.

HowTo  Rekey a Lock!

There aretwo ways the first requires a phone and just the right number. The secondmethod needs a 4-in-1 screwdriver, Needle-nose pliers, and Tweezers. In the 1stway, you will just contact the right locksmith who will arrive on your site asfast as possible to rekey your lock professionally in a few minutes without anyhassle. About the cost! You have the chance to get Trusted rekey quality at anaffordable cost when calling a dependable name in Glendale ,Arizona like Car Locksmith Glendale AZ.

About doingthe mission on your own, realize well that this option is available for justthe traditional pin and tumbler lock. At first, you will need to Remove theDoorknob, inserting the wire tool into the knob, and then depress the knobclip. Finally, pull the knob off the door.

After that,remove the cylinder from the inside, pushing the cylinder free from front toback.

Then, removethe retainer ring holding the cylinder plug in place. Set this ring, as youwill replace it later. Remove the cylinder plug from its housing, inserting theold key, and turn it to the left or right. Remove the plug, pushing the plug follower with keeping the constantpressure between the plug and follower to avoid popping out the pins andsprings.

Remove thekey and insert the new key. Then Insert new pins as indicated, and be sure thatthey are flush on the top of the plug. Replace the Plug, Replace the cylinderinto the knob and reinsert the knob to the door, and finally, test the lock.


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